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Graduate Programs

All graduate programs are offered through the University of Regina Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.   

Information to apply for Graduate Studies can be found here.

Indigenous Graduate Programs

First Nations University of Canada and the University of Regina offer the following graduate programs with a focus on Indigenous studies.

Master of Linguistics

The UofR and 足球比赛买球 offer a graduate program in linguistics leading to a special case M.A. degree for students who have completed a B.A. Honours degree in linguistics, or equivalent.

Master of Indigenous Education

The UofR Faculty of Education, in collaboration with the Indigenous Education program at the 足球比赛买球, offers a graduate program that leads to a Master of Indigenous Education. The program can be taken either through a Thesis, Project or Course basis.  

Students will take required courses in Indigenous Education, and then select course offerings from the University of Regina, Faculty of Education, in curriculum and instruction, educational administration, educational psychology, adult education, and human resource development.

Master of Indigenous Language Education

足球比赛买球, in collaboration with the UofR, is pleased to offer the Master of Indigenous Language Education program.

This program is intended to support communities in Indigenous Language reclamation and to foster leadership in Indigenous Language Education. Courses will be offered largely online and through some face-to-face delivery.

Master of Indigenous Social Work

The Faculties of Social Work and Graduate Studies and Research offer graduate work leading to a Master of Indigenous Social Work (MISW) degree. Faculty Members from the School of Indigenous Social Work at 足球比赛买球 are involved in this program. This graduate program aims to prepare students as clinical practitioners, specifically skilled in First Nations approaches to therapy and sensitive to issues facing First Nations and Métis communities.

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