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Masking Update

Since the beginning of the Spring Summer Term, 足球比赛买球 has maintained an indoor masking requirement in specific public spaces on each campus, in effect until May 31.

Effective June 1, 2022, indoor masking is no longer required in any campus location. However, for any members of the 足球比赛买球 community who feel more comfortable with the safety and protection of wearing a mask, we continue to encourage and welcome masking while on campus. A supply of masks are available on all campuses.

We ask that you continue to be conscious of others’ health and well-being. If you do not feel well or have tested positive for COVID-19, please stay home and advise the 足球比赛买球 Crisis Response Team immediately.

We saw more flexibility with in-person activities and student engagement opportunities throughout this term, and the University will continue to monitor the situation and re-evaluate our safety measures as needed throughout the summer. 

We appreciate all your efforts to maintain a safe work and student environment. Take care of one another.

Masking Update to Spring Summer Term

Returning to Campus

The Winter 2022 Term encompassed a few modifications to campus with the gradual return of in-person courses and increased student, faculty and staff population. 足球比赛买球 has maintained the mandatory masking requirements on each campus, which will end on April 30, 2022.

Recently the University of Regina shared their communication for the Spring/Summer term, highlighting the indoor masking requirements, which states that “the University’s indoor masking requirements will remain in place in classrooms, lab and studio spaces, and the University Library – spaces where larger groups are required to meet on a regular basis, generally for an extended period of time. Masks will remain mandatory in these spaces until May 31, at which time we will reassess based on the latest public health information.”. 

At the First Nations University of Canada, we will align with the requirements effective May 1, 2022.

However, effective May 1, 2022, masking will no longer be required in other indoor spaces on 足球比赛买球 campuses but will be strongly encouraged, which include 足球比赛买球 hallways, Regina Campus First Nations Veterans Memorial Tipi, and common areas at all three campuses. 

We will continue to strongly encourage all students, faculty, staff and Elders to wear the recommended masks while on campus. 足球比赛买球 will monitor the provincial COVID-19 statistics and mandates, and we will continually assess and be responsive as the situation demands. Our primary concern continues to be the health and safety of the 足球比赛买球 community.

Within the past month, the Regina campus has hosted a minimal number of events, and these were conducted in a safe and controlled manner. We understand that hosting events inspires the spirit, energy, culture and traditions activity, and the need for community gathering, all of which we have been missing for the past two years. We anticipate a rise in campus activity throughout the Spring/Summer.

Effective April 12, 2022, the proof of vaccination requirements and submission of rapid antigen testing results for students, faculty, staff and Elders were removed for the University, UofR and federated colleges.

Note that the 3rd and 4th booster shots are available across SHA confirmed locations. We strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated and book their booster shot if eligible. Please self-test and remain at home if you feel unwell at any time to ensure a healthier and safer environment. 

The 足球比赛买球 Crisis Response Team will re-evaluate the distribution of information on each campus. If you have any questions, check the Saskatchewan COVID website for more details about self-testing.

Returning To Campus

Guide to Understanding the Class Schedule

The Guide to Understanding the Class Schedule will help you interpret the Spring/Summer 2022 class schedule. Please note that the examples included in the Guide are snapshots of what you will see in the Visual Schedule Builder system. If you are using UR Self-Service to search for courses, you will see the same information as in the examples but in a different format.

If you have any questions on the courses offered, you may call 1.306.790.5950 ext.3251 or email

Student Success Services and Elders Services

Student Success Services staff will offer a blend of virtual and in-person support services. Student events such as seminars, workshops and collaborative events will be a blend of virtual and small in-person events. Continue to check the SSS URCourse to find additional information on the writing clinic, nutrition support, wellness counselling hours, and retention seminars and workshops.

Pipe Ceremonies will continue to be offered monthly at each campus. Contact the Elders’ helpers at each campus for details on ceremonies or to schedule visits with the Elders or Knowledge Keepers.

Contact an Administrative Assistant at 306.790.5950 ext. 7501 or at 306.790.5950 ext. 3127 to book an appointment or to speak to a staff member. Our administrative staff will follow up during regular work hours: Monday – Friday 8:30-12:00, 1:00-4:30.

Academic Advisors will continue to be available for scheduled virtual appointments until the end of term. Contact an Admin Assistant to book an appointment, or email your request to:

For Tutoring support, email your request to:

For assistance with Writing Support, email your request to:

For information on Recruiting events and program inquiries, email:

Include the following in your email:

  • Your name, student number and if you are a New or Continuing student.
  • The campus attending: Regina, Saskatoon, Northern Campus (PA), or Community-based program.
  • A phone number where you can be reached to confirm your appointment.
  • A brief message of your request.

Workstations – All Campus locations

  • Regina Campus computer lab is relocated to Room 2008 (formerly the Medicine Room) on the 2nd Floor East.
  • The Saskatoon library has 8 workstations.
  • The Northern Campus computer lab and library are located in the basement, with 18 workstations in total (subject to change).
    • Computer lab – 4 workstations;
    • Library – 6 workstations;
    • A second, temporary lab is established in classroom B12 with 8 workstations.
  • Cleaning Procedures:
    • Thorough cleansing of all surfaces will be done throughout the day.

If you have any questions, please contact 足球比赛买球 IT Support at

Student ID Card

New students, including Off-Campus, must have a URegina student ID card. Click here to apply.

Replacement card: if returning students need a replacement, follow instructions on the link for payment.

Zoom for Students

For students who may be new to the 足球比赛买球 Zoom videoconferencing method, we have a Student Guide that will walk you through accessing the virtual classroom or take a few minutes to watch the video tutorial.

If you have any questions or concerns about Zoom, please contact 足球比赛买球 IT at 306-790-5950 ext. 7777.

Laptop Loan Program

足球比赛买球 continues to offer the program for the Spring/Summer 2022 term. Students must meet specific requirements and conditions. Students must indicate which campus they are attending and where they want to pick up the laptop.

If you are interested in the program, please contact your campus library or email: for further details and information.

Regina Campus Library:
p: 306.790.5950 ext. 3425 or 3429
Saskatoon Campus Library:
p: 306.931.1800 ext. 5430
Northern Campus Library:
p: (306) 765-3333 Ext. 7430 or 7425


Indoor and Outdoor Events: Please see Events Services for booking. Masking requirements will apply to all Indoor events.

Important Updates

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